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Are you tired of the typical instant ramen flavors on the market? Have you been looking for a pho-nominal alternative to a cup of ramen that packs huge amounts of flavors while being much healthier? Look no further! 

Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese instant pho noodle soup will be you’re go to meal or snack any time of the day! Whether you’re a working millennial in need of a meal during your lunch break or the perfect snack for your kids after school, Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese instant pho is ready in minutes whenever you need!

Our Instant pho noodle soups are made with the finest ingredients and are family time-tested recipes that carry the authentic flavors of a freshly made bowl of pho! Every single bowl of our instant pho is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. We use rice noodles with absolutely no wheat, freshly ground up herbs and spices to give you authentic flavors that don’t taste processed, and we use avocado and coconut oils which are a healthier and excellent alternative to other vegetable oils.

Even though our instant pho soups are super healthy, we definitely did not pho-get to pack each bowl with tons of flavor. Currently, we offer three flavors that resemble some of the most popular pho dishes. Each pack contains 6 individual bowls of pho.

Chicka What – Is our take on a chicken flavored pho, and yes without the chicken.

Original Beast – Resembles everything perfect about a beef style pho without all the beef!

Victory Veg – A pho broth made with the perfect melody of vegetables.

If you cannot decide which flavor to try or you just absolutely love them all, choose our variety pack that comes with 2 bowls of each flavor. Now you can have Chicka What for breakfast, Victory Veg for lunch and Original Beast for dinner!

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