Turn to Naughty Noah’s Pho for a Healthy Alternative for After-School Meals for Kids!

Turn to Naughty Noah’s Pho for a Healthy Alternative for After-School Meals for Kids!

After-school meals can be a tricky subject. Do you want to treat your child to a full-blown meal when they are set to have dinner at 7:00? Do you want to 'tide them over' with a packet of chips? Of course not! Turn to Naughty Noah's for a healthy alternative for after-school meals for kids and never get stuck at snack time, again!

Eeny meeny miny noodles, Naughty Noah's pho soup

Naughty Noah's can Replace All Sorts of Unhealthy After-School Snacks!

We all know that sugar is bad for us, so imagine what it does to our kiddos when we fill them full of it. A high sugar diet can lead to complications in later life such as Diabetes, an increased risk of cancer, and raised blood pressure (Harvard Health). Exposing your children to those sweet and sticky after-school treats is a sure-fire way to see health problems later in life.

Healthy habits start from an early age – so instill a good knowledge of healthy, wholesome foods from as young as possible. Popular after-school snacks include:

  • Crisps/chips – These are low calorie and high fat – even though it might seem like just a potato, chips should not be one of our “five a day” foods. Don't be misled. They are low nutrient and fried in oil. Replace crisps or chips with Naughty Noah’s Instant Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soups that are high in nutritional value, such as our Victory Veg flavor; always a winner for our younger fans!
  • Sweets/candy – chocolate, sugar, cake, candy or any kind of sweet stuff should be saved for at least after dinner! A 'sugar high' is a real thing brought on by the temporary release of short-term energy that sugar gives. Once this “sugar high” runs out they will be tired and grumpy, nobody wants that! Instead, go for sustained energy release such as our white rice flour pho noodles, found in Naughty Noah's Chicka What flavor!
  • Fruits/nuts – Well done! You are on the right track! Fruits and nuts will deliver high nutrition just when your child needs it most. Nuts are high in healthy fats and minerals while fruits are high in natural sugar and vitamins. You can find both vitamins and minerals in one bowl of Naughty Noah's Don't Be A Boar; the best healthy after-school meal alternative!
  • Sandwiches – Much as we love a good sandwich here at Naughty Noah's our instant Pho Vietnamese noodle soup gives even the most luxurious buttered treat a run for its money. For a sensational sandwich alternative try our Curry Masala as an easy meal for kids... it has about the same meal prep time!
  • Instant Noodles – Other brands don't pay the same attention to the nutritional value of their noodles as we do. Our pho comes from a time-tested recipe that contains all sorts of minerals such as calcium (Everyday Health), for healthy teeth and bones, and Iron (NHS), for the speedy growth of new blood cells; both so important to any growing child. Shop Naughty Noah's Original Beast flavor to maximize your child's growth potential!

Don't worry: for every unhealthy after-school snack Naughty Noah's has snacks for children that are high nutrition, taste, and quality! Be prepared for them to be a firm favorite in your home, as they are in ours.

Potato chips versus Naughty Noah's pho

Kids can Prepare Naughty Noah's Pho Themselves!

Younger children may need a little supervision – but children over the age of eight should be able to boil water in a kettle, add the hot water directly to our instant pho container, and wait a few minutes for the noodles to soften all by themselves. If your children are young or you have a parent's fear about letting them boil a kettle then not to worry, our bowls are microwave safe so just add water and let the microwave do all the work! Our Vietnamese noodle soup contains all-natural herbs and spices and has only a few minutes meal prep time – and we know how important it is to be able to create a quick and easy meal at the drop of a hat.

Shop Naughty Noah's Pho for easy meals for kids that double as a healthy alternative to traditional after-school snacks. But why stop there? Our cup and lid are recyclable, reusable, and dishwasher safe! We taught our Noah how to help take care of our planet with Naughty Noah’s pho and you can teach your little ones too!

Nutrition facts of Naughty Noah's pho

Naughty Noah's Saves Time and Money with Noodles You Can Trust

Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup relies upon our time-tested recipe that was first devised by Grandmother Tammy in order to feed little baby Noah himself. Every ounce of our fine noodle blend is made with an extra helping of Grandma's love, all paced with nutritional goodness and sealed with Noah's approval as perfect healthy snacks for kids.

For a fully vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO Vietnamese noodle soup shop Naughty Noah's. Our easy meals for children make the best instant pho noodle – so don't accept any substitutes!

Naughty Noah's pho bowls in World Market basket

Allow your Kids to Grow Big and Strong with this Healthy, Easy, Culturally Diverse After-School Meal!

Naughty Noah's creates healthy snacks for kids that are perfectly easy meals for children to make themselves – and they are popular among parents too! Everyone can enjoy our Vietnamese pho noodles and feel the benefits of our natural herbs and spices, fully-vegan pho noodles, and flavors that pack a punch!

Healthy after-school snacks for children need not be difficult with Naughty Noah's Vietnamese noodle soups. Shop now to start your taste experience, and to make some very happy little monsters when they get home from school! Naught Noah's famous pho noodles can now be bought through select World Market locations or directly from Naughty Noah's online!

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