Take Naughty Noah's To The Next Level!

Take Naughty Noah's To The Next Level!

Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soups are already pretty perfect – but they have also been specifically designed so that you can add your own fresh ingredients and take our vegan noodle pho to the next level!

Jimmy Tay Trinh – The Culinary Mastermind Behind Naughty Noah's

While the original, time-tested pho recipe Naughty Noah's uses, was perfected by Jimmy Tay Trinh’s mother, Tammy, Jimmy is the brains behind developing the flavor combinations and introducing our best pho recipe to the world!

Traditionally, pho broth is simmered for twelve hours in beef bones. However, Tammy grew up in a rural inland town called Cà Mau in Vietnam where there were no cows, so her mom didn’t cook any pho. Instead, she taught Tammy how to cook other dishes with fish and vegetables. When Tammy came to the United States, she created her pho recipe from scratch after tasting pho in beautiful San Diego.

So, what exactly inspired Jimmy to create the best instant pho recipe behind Naughty Noah’s? Jimmy was trained at the Culinary Institute of America and spent many years as a restaurateur. While in the restaurant business. Jimmy strayed from the healthier old-world foods and gained weight. When he wanted to lose weight, he turned back to the time-tested pho recipe of his early childhood and applied his vast culinary knowledge to turn it into something spectacular: the Naughty Noah's Vietnamese instant pho noodle soup that you know today!

Naughty Noah's Pho: Naughty by choice, delicious by nature

Jimmy’s Recommendations: How to Get Naughty with Noah’s

Our vegan pho noodles have been developed with flavor palates in mind – and Jimmy has devised a few recipes of his own to accompany certain flavors of our gluten-free pho noodle soups.

Jimmy's Chicka What Recipe

For this recipe, you will need organic chicken breast (although leftovers and vegan options are acceptable to!), lime wedges, sliced jalapeno, chopped cilantro and a handful of bean sprouts or pea sprouts.

This is a quick and easy meal that is ready in minutes and is packed full of nutrients. Sear your chicken breast in a hot pan with a little oil, salt, and pepper. Then, gather your veggie ingredients while you wait for the chicken to cook through. Prepare Naughty Noah's Chicka What gluten-free noodles as instructed on the package. Slice the chicken and toss in all the fresh ingredients, except for the lime. After everything is combined with your Naughty Noah’s pho, take the lime and squeeze it over the bowl. The lime brings all of the ingredients together, making Vietnamese pho extra delicious!

So, we have the meal, now what to drink? Jimmy recommends pairing this with coconut water as a beverage to make for a sumptuous meal.

This recipe also works with our Curry Masala flavor noodles – try it for yourself and see!

Jimmy's Don't Be A Boar Recipe

For this recipe, you will need sautéed pork jowl (although vegan pork or leftovers are also acceptable!), lime wedges, spicy sriracha, hoisin sauce and, chives.

Sauté the pork in a pan. While that is cooking, dice the chives and cut the lime. Prepare Naughty Noah's Don’t Be A Boar gluten-free pho as instructed on the package. Once the pork is cooked through, cut into thin slices and add it to your pho. Top off this delicious pho recipe with some hoisin sauce to taste. What is Hoison Sauce? A dark Chinese sauce made from soybean paste, salt, and chilies. We love it because it accentuates the organic herbs and spices that we use in our best pho recipe! If you like a little kick to your pho noodle soup, then add as much spicy sriracha as you desire. Finally, squeeze the lime wedges over the top and garnish with a sprinkle of chives to top it off! Pair this divine bowl of pho with refreshing coconut water to wash it all down.

This recipe also works with our Holy Hot Pepper flavor best instant pho noodles if you can take some heat!

Jimmy's Victory Veg Recipe

For this recipe, you will need tofu, an egg, carrots, bean sprouts, half of an avocado and a few leaves of Thai basil.

To begin, dice the tofu into chunks, then pan fry it with any oil you have on hand – though peanut or avocado oil is best. In the meantime, boil the egg, and julienne the carrots, and slice the avocado. Combine all the prepared ingredients together in a bowl and top it off with a hand full of bean sprouts and a few leaves of Thai basil! Jimmy recommends that you pair this quick and easy meal with kombucha or beet juice to maximize the flavor.

We also like this recipe for our Original Beast flavor, give it a try and let us know which you think works best!

Naughty Noah's Pho bowls: Original Beast, Chicka What, Victory Veg

Naughty Noah's Pho Company: Perfecting Instant Pho for All!

Shop Naughty Noah's pho for completely vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO Vietnamese noodle soups packed full of flavor. You don't need to add the extra proteins – but we like to give our loyal customers the option of improving on an already amazing noodle soup recipe! Choose from Chicka What, Victory Veg, Holy Hot Pepper, Original Beast, Curry Masala, and Don't Be A Boar for your next kitchen creation!

Where to Buy Naughty Noah's Pho?

We currently have three different options for you to get your hands on this time-tested pho recipe. Shop Naughty Noah's Instant Vietnamese Pho noodle soup directly on our website. You can also find us in select World Market locations. To find the nearest World Market location near you, use the store locator on our website and shop in person at World Market for your favorite Naughty Noah's Vietnamese pho soup. As well as buying our succulent noodle soups in-store, you can buy them through the World Market online store. Finally, for you Amazon lovers, you can find our individual flavors and our variety packs there also!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho: A Healthy Meal in Minutes

Here at Naughty Noah's, we specialize in creating healthy, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan instant noodles that really pack a punch. Unlike other noodles on the market, our pho noodles are low sodium, using all natural sea salt as our base instead of refined salts. We focus on natural and organically grown products such as coconut oil and avocado oil to create our time-tested, flavor-packed pho noodle soups. We take immense pride in producing some of the healthiest instant noodles on the market. Once you try them, we think you will love them too!

Head on over to our online shop to pick up some of our fantastic pho for yourself. You won't believe how well we captured the flavors of old Vietnam until you try it! Shop now and switch to a healthier ramen, ready in minutes and suitable for all occasions! 

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