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Year by year we’ve been seeing majortrends in the food industry. From eating organic, the Paleo diet, gluten free, grass fed and locally sourced products eating according to popular media is getting harder and harder. Furthermore, it seems impossible for any one brand to keep up with every trend. Fortunately, the next big food movement is going to make eating right a lot simpler.

I had the opportunity to attend the FounderMade food summit in LA which featured speakers such as Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Elizabeth Stein of Purely Elizabeth. While each speaker has a different theory on what type of diet is best for our health, they all emphasized the same thing: transparency in food is the next big movement. Consumers want products that have few ingredients, all of which they can pronounce. Luckily for us this means we’re going to be wasting less time reading the ingredients labels and have trust that when we walk into a supermarket we are going to be receiving quality products. While I was at FounderMade I got a sneak peek at some of the amazing new brands you will be seeing more of soon, each of them are making eating (real food) a whole lot easier. 

naughty noah's vietnamese pho noodles

Naughty Noah's

As college students, we are expected to essentially live off ramen. Unfortunately, for those of us who care about what we put in our bodies, chicken flavored Cup Noodles isn’t exactly the most appealing choice. Still, it’s sometimes necessary to have a quick lunch or snack on the go. And sometimes, only noodles can fill that craving. That is where Naughty Noah’s steps in. CIA graduate and restaurateur Jimmy Trinh is looking to disrupt the quick noodle market with Naughty Noah’s vegan pho. Everything comes in a reusable and recyclable container: rice noodles, spices, avocado or coconut oil. All you need to do is add hot water and you have delicious and authentic tasting pho that you will feel great about even after you eat it. In case you aren’t convinced yet, Naughty Noah’s won best vegan product of the year at Expo West as well as the pitch competition at FounderMade. If you head to their website now you can receive your first order of pho for free as soon as they launch. Ready to try it out?


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