Snuggle Up with Naughty Noah’s Pho!

Snuggle Up with Naughty Noah’s Pho!

If you are stuck wondering what to do on Valentine's Day this year then why not turn to Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho? We use the best pho recipe for romance so you and your loved one can snuggle up and get cozy at home. Our fully vegan pho noodles make perfectly easy Valentine's Day meals that you can depend upon for perfection when it matters most. Take the stress out of this year's celebration and stay at home this Valentine's Day with Naughty Noah's best instant pho noodles!

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A Brief History of Valentine's Day – Naughty Noah's Style!

Today, we know Valentine's Day as the one day of the year where the world celebrates love!... And when your partner expects nothing but the best. Nowadays you can treat them to a wonderful at home Valentine's Day meal using Naughty Noah's best instant pho noodles – but it wasn't always that way. Before Naughty Noah's there were hearts, flowers, and chocolates... and before all of that there, was a story.

Who Is Saint Valentine and How did Valentine's Day Start?

There are several legends surrounding the origins of Valentine's day, but the one that has a little historical backing via the Roman Emperor Claudius II (BBC) is the one that we tend to believe. In this legend, the Catholic church Sainted a man named Valentine (History), executed by Claudius in the third century. This Valentine performed marriages for young lovers in roman regiments after the Emperor decreed that single soldiers fought better – and outlawed all weddings in his army! Of course, Valentine was tried and martyred on the 14th of February... Many, many years before the first Naughty Noah's noodle was ever invented... Such a sad tale.

Who is Saint Valentine? A legend among men, a Saint, and a poor soul that never got to experience Naughty Noah's Holy Hot Pepper pho, in spite of being the peak of holiness himself! How did Valentine's Day start? Because people believed in the power of love... just like the legend himself!

Naughty Noah's Pho: Holy Hoy Pepper, Don't Be a Boar, Curry Masala

What to do on Valentine's Day?

If you are wondering what to do on Valentine's Day then look no further, because Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho has you covered! Our time-tested recipe proves an easy pho recipe for any occasion – and will impress your partner to no end – regardless of why we celebrate Valentine's day.

Traditional Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day include:

  • Eating out – Restaurants are booked solid at this time of year and who wants to go out when you can have restaurant quality pho at home on Valentine's Day? Try getting closer with our Curry Masala Vietnamese Instant Pho and use our blend of natural herbs and spices to add a little fire!
  • Flowers – traditionally, men bring women flowers on Valentine's Day... but why not say “I love you” with her favorite vegan pho noodles, instead? Try our Chicka What to impress the lady in your life and save the flowers for when you have done something wrong!
  • Chocolates – Chocolates are a great way to win the heart of your loved one– but so are Vietnamese pho noodles! For an at-home meal that will make your bae smile, try our Victory Veg flavor, a winner all year round.
  • Romantic DVD's – are the perfect accompaniment to our Don't Be A Boar flavor for a snugly Valentine's Day at home. Our time-tested pho recipe is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO, so it is perfect for the health conscious and the foodies alike!
  • Book a break – we'd all love a romantic surprise holiday, but for the more realistic among us let's stick to what we know: That Original Beast flavor from Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese noodle soup is good enough to melt even the coldest of hearts! Don’t get me wrong, women love food just as much, but they do say food is the way to a man's heart, after all...

Cuddle up by the Fire with Naughty Noah's!

Our Holy Hot Pepper might be spicy, but it's not so spicy as your other half can be when treated to an open fireplace, a comfortable blanket, a few lit candles and some steaming Naughty Noah's Vietnamese pho noodles. Our vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free pho makes for the best instant pho noodle available on the market – and it is just what you need to help you celebrate Valentine's Day in style and impress your better half!


How to Make Pho?

If you are wondering how to make pho for your Valentine's Day food then don't panic – it really is easy! All you need to do is open the individual noodle and flavor packets in Naughty Noah's spicy pho recipe pots, add water and put it in the microwave, or just add hot water to start. Mix it all together and wait a few moments to experience the best pho recipe in the world. Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vietnamese noodle soup is all you need to bring a smile to his face, warm her heart, or create Valentine's Day food they will never forget.

We bring the heat, the spice, and the flavor; you bring the passion for this easy pho recipe you can create at home. Use our noodles to make the perfect Valentine's Day meal for your significant other and never struggle to find the best Vietnamese noodle soup ever again. Our pho is restaurant quality and crafted to perfection using a recipe handed down through generations. We challenge you to find a better instant pho anywhere else. Our noodles are just that good.

Naughty Noah's Pho

Shop now from the Naughty Noah's online store or drop by your nearest select World Market store near you – or from their online store, too! Better hurry if you want to be in time for Valentine's Day!


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