Revamp Your Standard Super Bowl Food with Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho!

Revamp Your Standard Super Bowl Food with Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho!

When Super Bowl rolls around for its annual matchup nothing should stand between you and the perfect Super Bowl party food. Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup could be just what you are looking for in easy Super Bowl party food that really brings the flavor to the game. Super bowl food doesn't have to be time-consuming – it just has to be epic!

Naughty Noah's is an ideal Super Bowl Party element because we really do have a flavor for every football fan! Love chicken? Try our Chicka What bowl. Love vegetables? Then our time-tested vegetable pho recipe, Victory Veg, is a win for you. Is curry more your thing? If so, you would cheer for our Curry Masala. Or get ready for the kickoff with our Holy Hot Pepper, it has that kick you’re looking for!

Shop Naughty Noah's for Easy Super Bowl Party Food!

Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vietnamese noodle soup makes Super Bowl food fast and easy. It contains only natural herbs and spices and that are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO! This makes for a huge nutritional (and taste!) difference to your usual Super Bowl party foods.

Traditional Football Party Foods Include:

  • Chips – chips are boring. Let's face it. They also contain high calorie, high-fat oils (Live Strong) as one of their main sources of nutrition, making them almost worthless in terms of energy and extra fat content. Ditch the chips for some original pho and try Naughty Noah's Original Beast flavor for a healthy alternative and unleash the beast in you.
  • Dips – Dips are tasty we admit, but they don't have nearly the same taste levels as one of our bowl of pho deliciousness. Most dips use mayonnaise (Healthy Eating) as a base and we all know it is full of fat! Try some curry pho for a change of pace and flavor with Naughty Noah's Curry Masala Vietnamese noodle soup instead!
  • Popcorn – Popcorn is actually reasonably healthy, is vegan, gluten-free and should be non-GMO, but you should always check the labeling to be certain. It can also burn very easily while you’re watching the game (been there done that), it isn't very filling, and the toppings contain all sorts of nasty surprises including too much sodium or too much sugar. Best stick to the vegan pho noodles with our vegetable pho Victory Veg, which you know has no GMO content of course.
  • Sticky Ribs – why bother spending forty-five minutes over the stove and miss the first half when you could have the best instant pork pho in five? Try Don't Be A Boar as a fast Super Bowl party food alternative– it really is as good as the name suggests!
  • Spicy Wings – Don’t even get me started about the mess that wings bring to a party… What's better than super spicy wings to make your mates eyes water? A spicy pho with a kick! Just like Naughty Noah's Holy Hot Pepper Vietnamese Pho noodle soup. 

Don't Spend All Day in the Kitchen and Miss the Big Game just to Entertain and Feed your Guests!

Leave the cooking to Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho and get back to the game! With six different flavors to choose from you are sure to find something perfect for every guest – and yourself, too! Naughty Noah's mouth-watering combination of natural herbs and spices, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO make for the best instant pho noodles money can buy... and they're so simple to make it won't take you away from the game!

Football party food can be fast. Better yet: Naughty Noah's is ship in Super Bowl Party food – and ship in Super Bowl Party food is delivered directly to your doorstep, meaning you don't even need to leave your armchair to get the best instant pho!

Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup is an authentic taste of pho, packed full of protein and makes a great quick and easy meal alternative to your traditional Super Bowl party or fantasy football draft party foods. Bring the traditional flavors of Vietnam (Wikipedia) to your home instead with our time-tested recipes and go out of your way to impress your buddies.

Have Picky Guests?

Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho has six flavors to choose from! All are fully vegan, contain no GMO's, use only natural herbs and spices, and make the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ or meats you insist on firing up, just because it's a Super Bowl Party! Team chicken pho with chicken wings, pork pho with the sticky ribs (when they eventually cook) and vegetable pho with the veggies and dip. As long as they are Naughty Noah's noodles, we guarantee that they will be the perfect complement to any meat-lover's dish.

Shhh… They don’t have to know that Naughty Noah's Pho is vegan!

Not only are they vegan but they have a whole range of health benefits. Our natural herbs and spices help you heal wounds faster, recover quicker and add some extra protein into your diet... which we all know is important for creating muscle mass and keeping those gains. Naughty Noah's Vietnamese pho noodle soups make the perfect after gym snack too – or a great choice for after football parties, if you are good enough to be a player yourself.

Shop Naughty Noah’s Pho for the best in instant pho noodles for your Super Bowl party. We use time-tested recipes handed down through generations and simmer our stocks and broths for the full twelve hours it takes to create delicious traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soups. Our noodles are high-quality, protein-packed and absolutely delicious... all of the ingredients you need to turn your party into the one they are still talking about in years to come.

Shop Naughty Noah's now to have a taster before the Super Bowl rolls around this year. You know you want too! Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho Noodles are now available in select World Market stores, as well as through their online store. Buy when in doubt, shop directly from Noah himself on our website! Start your taste experience today and get prepared for the most unique and best Super Bowl Party food you have ever tasted!


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