Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho Vs Instant Ramen!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho Vs Instant Ramen!

According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2017, Ramen was one of the hottest items on the menu and one of the most popular trends seen in the culinary world. Ramen noodles are a staple for a variety of generations because they are cheap, flavorful, and easy to cook. However, recent studies and news articles have untangled the true facts about Ramen noodles. Besides being notoriously high in sodium, the refined grain flour ramen presents eaters with a food elevated in fat content and calories.

The creator of Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Instant Pho Noodle Soup is out to change the movement of Instant Ramen by delivering a healthier option of Vietnamese pho noodles. Made with natural rice noodles and organic flavors and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, coconut oil and avocado Naughty Noah’s has created a product of demand. With clean eating on the rise, Naughty Noah’s gives buyers a delicious option that is vegan, non-GMO, free of fillers, preservatives, soy, fish, and MSG products. Read on for a comparison of ingredients, nutritional facts and flavor varieties for Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Vs Instant Ramen. 

Instant Ramen

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho Soup - Picture of Instant Ramen Noodles

Classic ramen restaurants have populated big cities and made people fall in love with their salty noodles, which translates to why instant ramen has become a favorite house hold snack . The tiny dried pack of vegetables presented with each pack of Ramen, plus the simple ingredients need to cook the noodles may give indication that these noodles are slightly healthy and vegan. Bad news – they are far from a healthy alternative of eating. These packets are packed with preservatives and a very high amount of sodium. The only flavors that are vegetarian in the Nissin brand of ramen are oriental and chili. The fact that instant ramen is inexpensive and presents a good flavor is what makes these noodles so popular-not the health benefits!


The word enrichment means that all key nutrients have been removed during the refining process and ingredients such as niacin and folic acid has been added back in. The top ingredient of ramen noodles is enriched wheat flour which is used to give the noodles a finer texture and increased shelf life. Another very prominent ingredient in ramen is vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is where the high content of fat comes in. Salt, soy sauce, potassium carbonate, sodium and phosphate sodium carbonate are the additives that cause ramen to give users more than 70 percent of their sodium intake for the day.

The soup base ingredients also contain salt, wheat and soy protein, sugar, lactose and hydrolyzed corn, all which contribute to a high sodium and caloric intake. Ramen does claim to use turmeric and natural flavors, but they are in less than 1 percent usage. The dehydrated vegetables used are usually garlic, chive and onion.

Nutritional Facts

One brand of ramen noodles chicken flavor, for ½ block of noodles, contains 190 calories, 7 grams of fat, half of which is saturated fat, 26 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein and 830 milligrams of sodium. Another brand of ramen noodles chicken flavor presents the same nutritional value. Vegan option such as soy sauce and chili vary slightly from other flavors, but the biggest difference is they contain no meat products of additives.

Flavor Varieties

Ramen noodles have common flavors of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, soy sauce, chili and hot and spicy beef. Maruchan has expanded their flavors to include chicken mushroom, creamy chicken, roast chicken, picante chicken, tortilla chicken and siracha chicken. The shrimp flavors also include lime shrimp, lime chili shrimp. The different flavors definitely give you variety but you have to think to yourself… is it really worth it?

Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Instant Pho Soup 

Naughty Noah's Instant Pho Soup - Picture of Don't be A Boar, Holy Hot Pepper, Curry Masala

Naughty Noah’s instant pho noodles have a tagline that describes them perfectly; “exploding with flavor pho-real.” These instant pho noodles target consumers seeking both the convenience of ramen noodles, but a healthier option. This healthy alternative to instant ramen is homemade with the owner’s mother’s time tested recipe and features authentic spices, gluten-free rice noodles, and avocado and coconut oils are added as a healthy fat to give the instant pho noodles a more modern feel and taste.


The ingredients vary by flavor but they all essentially contain rice noodles, avocado oil, natural flavors, organic sugar and spices and sea salt. Flavors such as the Victory Veg contains dried roasted bell peppers, beef powder and dried celery. The authentic spices like cinnamon, all spice, cloves and other spices used have proven to be beneficial to your health by boosting vitality, supporting your immune system, known to aid in digestion and are known antioxidants. 100% gluten-free noodles are used in every single bowl and absolutely no preservatives and GMOs are used! Avocado and coconut oils are used to add healthy fats to the soups instead of high saturated fats used in instant ramen. From the ingredients alone consumers can see that these instant pho noodles are a healthier alternative to instant ramen.


Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup - Picture of Naughty Noah's Benefits - Gluten Free Noodles, Healthy Oils - Avocado and Coconut Oils, Nature Organic Spices

Nutritional Facts

One bowl of Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho Noodles contains 200 calories, which is less than ramen because just ½ package of ramen is 190. There is 0 grams of saturated fat and the good fat is 2.5 grams. The total carbohydrates stay consistently in the 30’s and protein ranges from 3 gram to 6 gram depending on the choice of flavor. The sodium is a huge cut from ramen noodles with only 230 milligrams per cup.

Flavor Varieties

Naughty Noah’s flavors are definitely a nice alternative to ramen. The flavors offered through these gluten free rice noodles include Original Beast, Chicka What, Victory Veg, Holy Hot Pepper, Curry Masala and Don’t Be a Boar. All flavors are all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan made with coconut or avocado oil. These instant, grab-and-go pho noodle soups are made from wholesome, fresh and organic Vietnamese-inspired ingredients that are good for your taste buds and soul.

Original Beast is reminiscent of the original Vietnamese beef pho noodle soup which features flavors such as star anise, cardamom and scallions. This original recipe is vegan, MSG-free and non-GMO. Other flavors such as Chick What have a unique combination of onion and cinnamon spice and Victory Veg highlights a robust beet flavor with hints of garlic and celery.

Why Choose Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho Noodles

Comparing ramen noodles to instant pho noodles gives you the big picture of why Naughty Noah’s is a healthy alternative to instant ramen. From healthier ingredients such as authentic spices, organic avocado, and coconut oils, and gluten-free noodles to being completely vegan and non-GMO should be enough of a reason to try Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Instant Pho Noodle Soup. On top of the health benefits, Naughty Noah’s pho is exploding with vibrant and authentic flavors that are sure to amaze you! It is definitely worth the extra money and you can pick some up now! Shop all Naughty Noah’s Flavors!

Naughty Noah’s gluten-free rice noodles launched in 2017 and have been a huge hit across the United States. Unlike ramen noodles, Naughty Noah’s is completely vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, fish, soy, preservative and MSG free. It is 100 percent worth a try! To learn more about these instant pho noodles and to try Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho Noodles, visit

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