Naughty Noah's Celebrates Earth Month!

Naughty Noah's Celebrates Earth Month this April!

Have you heard?? Scientists recently announced that we only have twelve years to rectify our pollutant ways before the damage we do is irreversible. Without Mother Earth, our home and sanctuary, we face a very bleak future indeed. It is for these reasons that we, here at Naughty Noah's, aren't just about making the best instant pho – we also care deeply for the environment. So deeply that we already put into action reduce, reuse and recycle policies within our pho company!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho soup, Victory Veg, in nature setting

What is Earth Month?

Earth month is a designated time of the year when we all take a moment to reflect on the beauty and resources that our planet provides. National Earth Day is on April 22nd but National Earth Month is observed for the whole month of April. This year's theme is “Plastic... more than pollution”.

People all over the world will be running events to celebrate reducing, reusing and recycling plastic practices, a policy that Naughty Noah's know ever so well. Causes like this help to highlight how much damage plastic can do to the environment because the majority of plastics never degrades. Once a piece of plastic is made that’s it; forever in existence, even in the smallest particles which are eaten by both our plants and animals.

If you want to find out how you can get involved with Earth Month this year you can visit the organization's website – or you can make one simple dietary change. Switch out your normal way of preparing quick and easy meals by changing from ordinary instant noodles to Naughty Noah's Vietnamese instant pho, instead! Our bowls and lids are reusable, dishwasher safe, fully recyclable, and delicious! Eat Naughty Noah’s pho without guilt or guiltfree and celebrate the 49th annual National Earth Month!

How to Celebrate Earth Month?

Even though National Earth Month is in its 49th year, there are still no established 'traditional' celebrations. That being said many people enjoy getting involved in the reduce, reuse, recycle motto in their lifestyles and communities. There are loads of ways to celebrate, from an afternoon spent cleaning up your local park to an evening spent fundraising for your favorite community cause that supports the environment.

There are a whole bunch of other eco-friendly companies out there with a similar ethos to ours here at Naughty Noah's. It is because of these companies that National Earth Month can spark innovation and invention as we all work together to create more sustainable, Eco-friendly products and find other ways to minimize the carbon footprint of each and every one of our consumers.

Naughty Noah's Victory Veg pho soup bowl with a plant inside the bowl for Earth Month

Things You Can Do to Celebrate Earth Month – Tiny Changes with Big Impact:

  • Reuse your shopping bags and use tote bags instead of non-recyclable plastic bags.
  • Plant a tree and/or drought-resistant plants!
  • Switching to a Bamboo toothbrush and using coconut husk in place of a loofah.
  • Give up single-use plastic bottles.
  • Go paperless with your bank and utility bills.
  • Switch to energy saving light bulbs.
  • Organize a cleanup event at your favorite hangout spot!
  • Invest in new technologies that help save the environment like using energy-star appliances in your home!
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle all that you can!
  • Buy food and drink from companies using sustainably sourced ingredients (like Naughty Noah's!)

If everyone on the planet made these few small changes, we could substantially slow that clock down and buy our planet more time to heal!

Celebrate Earth Day by Switching to Eco-Friendly Companies with Sustainable Products!

There are lots of ways for you to celebrate National Earth Day and National Earth Month but switching your regular instant noodles to Naughty Noah’s Instant Pho Vietnamese Noodle Soup is the perfect way to teach your kids how to go green and celebrate our Earth all year long! Our time-tested pho recipe is enclosed in completely eco-friendly packaging and has been made using sustainable ingredients. Our goal is to give our customers a good choice of healthy meals produced by an eco-friendly company.

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho soup with added ingredients, ready to eat in minutes

Naughty Noah's Leads the Way in Eco-Friendly Packaging!

We are proud to say that you can go green with Naughty Noah's to celebrate Earth Day this year and every year! Our healthy meals are vegan, gluten-free and contain no GMOs, and our bowls and lids are recyclable, reusable, and completely dishwasher safe! So when you celebrate Earth Month with Naughty Noah's, you can do it knowing that each of our healthy pho ingredients has been taken from a fully sustainable source!

Shop Naughty Noah's Pho for Vietnamese pho noodles that are quick and easy to prepare, made from a time-tested recipe and are fully vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. With Naughty Noah's Vietnamese instant pho you can reduce your waste, reuse your bowl, and then recycle all of the packagings when you’re finished with it!

Naughty Noah's Instant Vietnamese Pho is ready in minutes, healthy, prepared using sustainable pho ingredients, and packed full of all the nutrients you would expect to find in traditional Vietnamese pho noodle soups!

Naughty Noah's Pho bowls: Victory Veg, Don't Be a Boar, Original Beast, Curry Masala, Chicka What, Holy Hot Pepper

Where can you find all of the Naughty Noah’s Vegan Pho Flavors?

You can buy our specially designed, environmentally conscious vegan noodles from Amazon, through World Market stores, or from our own online shop. They are available in some sumptuous flavors you won't believe. Try them now and get prepared for your Earth Month celebration!

  • Original Beast – our best instant pho recipe inspired from Grandma Noah's original recipe.
  • Curry Masala – not your standard pho that'll make you say “curry, curry, ooo la la masala!”
  • Victory veg – for the veggie lover that just can’t get enough vegetables!
  • Holy Hot Pepper – for those that love their pho hot and spicy just like they are!
  • Don't Be A Boar – our cinnamon twisted vegan pork pho spiced with clove and ginger!
  • Chicka What – our chick magnet vegan chicken pho that’s a favorite with the ladies!

However you choose to celebrate National Earth Month and National Earth Day, choose Naughty Noah’s to power you through!

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