It’s National Siblings Day at Naughty Noah's Vietnamese!

It’s National Siblings Day at
Naughty Noah's Vietnamese!

National Siblings Day is an important holiday to us here at Naughty Noah's Vietnamese. Without siblings, Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese would have never existed. Why? Both the founder and co-founder are the best brother-sister duo any company can ask for! Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese would not be what it is today without Jimmy, the Chief Executive Noodler and Founder, and Jen, the Chief Operating Noodler and Co-Founder!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho flavors: Chicka What, Original Beast, Victory Veg. instant pho

The Siblings Day Foundation

Marks Siblings Day as April 10th

The National Sibling's Day Foundation was set up by a group of like-minded people who believed that siblings truly are your true forever-friends, not just while you’re growing up. As we get older, we will realize that our brothers and/or sisters are some of the most important people in our lives. Family are the only constant people we encounter in life. They represent an unbreakable bond that is no better embodied than in the relationship between siblings.

What is National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day celebrates the special relationship, reminds us that sibling bonds are necessary as we grow together, and allows us the chance to celebrate the lives of some of the people we sometimes take for granted. It is a lovely celebration with a beautiful message: the first and last friends you will ever have are those found in the family home.

Here at Naughty Noah's Vietnamese, we don't just make the best quality pho, we also focus on family. Celebrating that brother-sister relationship and encouraging the brother-sister bonding process is as important to us as getting the perfect mix of fresh ingredients for our Vietnamese noodle soups!

Naughty Noah's traditional Vietnamese Pho, instant pho not instant ramen

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Founders,

Jimmy and Jen, Are Beloved Siblings!

What does National Siblings Day mean to us at Naughty Noah's Vietnamese? It is the chance to celebrate the relationship and success between Jen and Jimmy, the founders and sibling dynamic duo!

Jen, Jimmy, and their other two siblings learned amazing cooking skills from their mother, Tammy. Tammy was a fantastic cook who made the most amazingly healthy meals every night. Her food was reportedly so delicious that she had to make extra every single night so that there would be plenty of leftovers for the family to nibble on the next day!

The family traveled from Cà Mau, southern Vietnam, to San Diego, California where Jen and Jimmy ultimately grew up to be adults. Getting back to their Vietnam roots, the family would treat themselves to traditional Vietnamese pho found in San Diego. Tammy was such a good cook that she invented her own pho recipe, from scratch, to create healthy meals for her family and never forgot the flavors of home. This homemade recipe was such a success that Tammy was able to open her very own Vietnamese restaurant in sunny San Diego!

Inspired by his mother’s culinary success, Jimmy went on to attended the Culinary Institute of America! After completing his training, he spent many years working as a restaurateur in the food industry, where he gained ample experience and, in turn, unwanted weight. Jimmy sought to turn his health around so he turned to his mother’s pho recipes to get fit and healthy again. The only problem was that it typically takes 12 hours to prepare that delicious pho broth found in traditional Vietnamese restaurants. Being a busy businessman, Jimmy was inspired to create a recipe that tastes just as good as the 12-hour traditional pho broth but can be instant, vegan, and made with only the finest organic rice noodles. Thus, Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho noodle soups were born.

Naughty Noah's instant Pho Original Beast traditional pho flavor

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Healthy Pho Was Created to Share These Pho Recipes with the World!

When wondering how to get healthy, quality organic pho should be one of your most reliable food groups. Noodle soups are notoriously high fat and sodium, but when you shop Naughty Noah's Vietnamese noodle soups you get none of the bad stuff and all of the good!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho Noodle Soup is made with fresh ingredients. They are fully vegan, contain no GMOs, are gluten-free, and are known to be the best vegan pho noodles money can buy. We want everyone to have access to traditional Vietnamese pho noodles made to the same elevated standards that Tammy used, all those years ago. Family is important, but when it comes to pho, here at Naughty Noah's, we believe it is priceless.

What Flavors Does
Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Have?

  • Chicka What: for the one who is a total chick magnet!
  • Victory Veg: for the true musician who can have some beets in a beat!
  • Curry Masala: for the sibling who makes you laugh by saying “ooo la la masala”!
  • Don't Be A Boar: the one that will liven up the party from all the “boars”!
  • Original Beast: for the best average Joe that doesn’t fuss with perfection!
  • Holy Hot Pepper: for the sibling who needs a little kick, of spice of course!

All of which are the perfect food for bonding over this National Siblings Day!

Naughty Noah's Pho flavors: Chicka What, Don't be a Boar, Holy Hot Pepper, Original Beast, Curry Masala, Victory Veg

Where to Buy Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho?

You can shop Naughty Noah'Vietnamese s by visiting our own online store. You can also get the best instant pho available through Amazon. Lastly, we are proud to announce that Naughty Noah's Vietnamese is now sold in select World Market stores! Find your local select World Market location by using our store locator!

This National Siblings Day, choose the sibling team that brought you the best instant  pho, Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese!

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