Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Naughty Noah's Instant Pho!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Naughty Noah's Instant Pho!

March 17th every year is the day where we celebrate the life of St. Patrick – and a day where everyone in the world celebrates the Irish! But who was St. Patrick and why do we go to such extraordinary lengths to toast his name? Here at Naughty Noah's, we wanted to take a closer look at the history to find out!

Green clover

Why Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick is a patron Saint of Ireland, hence why we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. It is a celebration of the country of Ireland – but the stories of Saints are always interesting. March the 17th is the Feast of Saint Patrick, more commonly known as Saint Patrick's Day. Born in Roman Britain a 16-year-old Patrick was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave in or around the 4th Century. He remained in Ireland for roughly 6 years as a captive but grew to like the people. When he was finally released to his home just south of Hadrian's Wall and swore he would return one day to help them and so he did.

Saint Patrick studied on the mainland with the goal of becoming a Bishop. He was then commissioned by the pope to be an apostle for Ireland, to which end he returned and established the Catholic Church. Notably, he converted the whole island within a span of 30 years, an impressive feat for one man.

During his time on the island, it is said that he used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, established churches, monasteries, and schools all over the country and also that Ireland has no snakes anymore because he drove them all out. What he was sainted for was bringing Christianity to Ireland (Britannica). So why March 17th? Traditionally, it is known that Saint Patrick died on March 17th and what a better way to pay tribute to the late St. Patrick than to celebrate his life.

The reason Saint Patrick's Day became a worldwide celebration is largely down to the spirit of the Irish people themselves. They come from a small island with a huge emigration rate primarily due to the potato famine of the early 20th century, which saw an estimated 1.5 million people emigrate to America from Ireland. Since then, we start to see the Irish spread far and wide. Where the people go, the culture follows!

Ireland and Saint Patrick's Day

Why Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Naughty Noah's Pho Noodle Soups?

St. Patrick's Day is one of our favorite celebrations because the color green (along with the fantastic Irish spirit) really resonates with us. Our Vietnamese Instant Pho is a fully sustainable, “green” food created with our motto: reduce, reuse, recycle! From Chicka What to Don't Be A Boar – our vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO Vietnamese noodle soups make for entirely sustainable products!

Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free Vietnamese pho

Go Green with Naughty Noah's This St. Patty's Day!

If you have been wondering how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year then don't panic! There are lots of ways you can go green with Naughty Noah's! We can all do our part to purchase only sustainable products and green food. This starts by thinking twice when you go shopping. By purchasing from Naughty Noah’s, you can have that peace of mind that you are not harming our environment. How? Our cup and lid are recyclable, reusable and dishwasher safe – so when you shop Naughty Noah's pho you not only get a healthy soup and a tasty meal made from fully sustainable ingredients – you also get to reduce your waste, reuse your bowl, and recycle when you are through! Go Green with the best instant pho noodles and our smart “green” packaging! If you want to get St. Patrick's Day off to a great start then our Victory Veg and Original Beast pho are calling your name! Hint, hint… they’re green!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Noodle Soup for St. Patrick's Day

Healthy Meals, Green Food, Sustainable Ingredients!

Naughty Noah's are proud of our sustainable ingredients and packaging – but our avocado oil-based soup and our coconut oil-based pho noodles are some of the best on the market. You can make them even healthier by adding chopped fresh basil, fresh jalapeno, cilantro, and lime to our amazing flavors. Or make Holy Hot Pepper come to life with bean sprouts and an egg for extra protein. The list of healthy ingredients you can add to our vegan pho noodles is endless!

From our coconut oil-based pho to our avocado oil-based noodle soups, our pho ingredients are nutrient packed and full of goodness. Here at Naughty Noah's we produce gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan noodles and deliver them straight to your door for any occasion. Our best instant noodle soups make for a quick and easy meal that is a perfect Saint Patrick's Day meal.

Victory Veg and Original Beast Pho

Take Naughty Noah's Victory Veg and Original Beast Pho to the next Level This Saint Patrick's Day!

If you are stuck for Saint Patrick's Day ideas then we have you covered! Shop Naughty Noah's Victory Veg and add some green ingredients for perfect St. Patrick's Day food. Serve alongside green salad if you love a hot/cold combination, or add some green jalapeños if you want an extra kick! Top off your Naughty Noah’s pho with freshly chopped basil, sliced jalapeño, and a squeeze of lime to enhance the flavors of traditional pho and get in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day with that extra pop of green color!

If that doesn't sound like your style then our Original Beast contains nothing but the best pho ingredients. This Vietnamese noodle soup can be perked up with some jalapeño, lime, and fresh basil! If you have children and you want to go all out for St. Patty's Day, then add a drop or two of green food coloring to really make it exciting for the kiddos!

Shop Naughty Noah's to do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle, and get that taste sensation you have been looking for. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Instant Pho, where we go green all year round!

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