Celebrate Lunar New Year with Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho!

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Pho!

If you want to have the best Lunar New Year you need to have the best pho to go with the celebration! Naughty Noah's Pho Vietnamese noodle soup is the perfect Lunar New Year, high nutrient food that will keep you going all through the festival – and then some! Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with our fully vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO noodles that are suitable for all!

What is Lunar New Year?

First of all, is it called Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year? It’s both! Many people don't know that the two celebrations are one and the same – or that our Vietnamese instant pho makes for excellent foods to eat on Lunar New Year! Traditionally, Chinese New Year falls between January the 21st and February the 20th each year. In 2019, it will fall on February 5th. The holiday marks the end of the cold season and is celebrated according to the Lunar calendar (Chinese New Year.net).

 Lunar New Year is celebrated with fireworks, praying, lantern lighting, and family reunions just to name a few. Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world... but what is the history of Chinese New Year and what are some traditional foods to eat on Lunar New Year?

The History of Lunar New Year

According to Chinese Folklore (China Highlights), the celebration of Lunar New Year began sometime in the Shang Dynasty (History). The story goes that an old man figured out the evil God Nian (That's QingDao) was scared of loud noises. So, he conspired with the whole village to frighten him away using firecrackers and the color red. This is why children receive gifts of lucky red envelopes (The Seattle Times) containing money on Chinese New Year, and why it is the biggest night for fireworks sellers in the entire world!

The history of the Chinese New Year is long and mired in legend. During the Shang Dynasty people still held sacrificial ceremonies to the Gods and believed in the power of their wrath. The calendar for the Lunar New Year was not fixed until the Han Dynasty (Britannica) – but as of 1912, the Chinese government decided to abolish New Year and use the Gregorian calendar of the west, instead. Still, the celebration is one of the biggest nights of the year – and you can do it in style with the help of Naughty Noah's instant Vietnamese pho noodle soup!

2019 is the Year of the Pig!

Every Lunar New Year is assigned an astrological animal to represent those born during the year. There are twelve animals, and when your year rolls around you better be prepared for some bad luck! Keep it at bay and shop Naughty Noah's, for some wholesome, high nutrient food that can help you celebrate the history of Lunar New Year.

The significance of the year of the pig (Travel China Guide) is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. The pig can be associated with laziness or clumsiness, but they are good people down to the bone. Pigs are responsible and considerate and will cherish those closest to them. They will often find the quickest path to success due to their inherently relaxed nature and can be a little gullible in the wrong care. The symbolic meaning for roasted pig is “Peace” and that should tell you everything you need to know about the personalities of those born in the year of the pig!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho flavors: Don't Be A Boar, Curry Masala, and Holy Hot Pepper

Don't Be A Boar!

You can celebrate the year of the pig with the perfect flavor of Naughty Noah's Vietnamese pho noodles, Don't Be A Boar. A quick and easy meal that is a top choice among foods to eat on Lunar New Year! Naughty Noah's Don't Be A Boar is fully vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free just like all our other flavors – but it represents the year of the pig with a smooth, luxurious, and roasted taste reminiscent of slow roasted pork that is so deliciously divine...

...Best of all, Naughty Noah's Don't Be A Boar truly gets to the significance of the year of the pig by using only natural herbs and spices, full flavors and helps to ensure “Peace” throughout your festivities!  What does the year of the pig mean? It means good luck all round and a calm year ahead!

Naughty Noah's has a whole range of Vietnamese noodle soups that make some of the best instant pho around. For a Chinese New Year food with a difference try our Chicka What, a delightful chicken flavored pho your family and friends will love. We use a time-tested recipe to craft luxurious Victory Veg pho, Holy Hot Pepper pho, and Original Beast pho – and we blend the finest coconut oil into our Curry Masala bowls. 

All of our pho is simmered for twelve hours and cooked via traditional means using the best pho recipe. Then, it is condensed into our perfectly packaged bowls to be sold all around the world, bringing happiness and peace to all this Lunar New Year.

Shop Naughty Noah's Pho This Lunar New Year!

Get the party started in style with our full range of flavors and you will be sure to find a favorite for everyone! Our Vietnamese noodle soups are some of the quickest, easiest meals you can cook over Lunar New Year – and they can help bring peace of mind to your festivities. So, Don't Be A Boar and choose our pork pho to celebrate!

Naughty Noah's traditional Vietnamese instant pho noodle soups are available through Naughty Noah's website, through a World Market near you, or at the World Market online store. To make sure you get your order in time for Chinese New Year this year you better act fast – Don't Be A Boar is popular this year!

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