Celebrate Easter Weekend with Naughty Noah's Vietnamese!

Celebrate Easter with

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese!

Easter is one of our favorite holidays of the year here at Naughty Noah's Vietnamese. Why? Because it is a fun-filled weekend where everyone makes the most of family time! Here at Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese, we firmly believe in family bonds and spending quality family time together.

Traditional Easter Celebrations

Featuring Naughty Noah's Vietnamese!

Traditionally, Easter is a time of year when Spring is waking the world after the dark, colder months. As well as being a great time to spend with family, it is also a time that is symbolic of renewal, new leaves grow, blossoms emerge, the first bees buzz through the air. All of this comes together to create a sense of emerging life and the arrival of a very important time: time to get back outdoors again!

While in earlier years Easter was thought of as a time to celebrate the end of food scarcity as the crops began again, it has now evolved into a fantastic opportunity to gather the children and spend some time with them while they are out of school. All over the world, people book holiday vacations, stock up on Easter Eggs, and start looking for Easter games and other exciting Easter activities they can do to make Spring fun! So, what can you do this Easter?

Things to do to celebrate Easter weekend

Some Common Easter Activities Include: 

  • Painting Easter Eggs
  • Easter Egg Hunting
  • Preparing delicious meals for friends and family
  • Making yummy egg recipes
  • Playing other Easter games, such as the egg walk
  • Getting outside for the beautiful Spring weather!

So many eggs but nothing to do with them? Did you know that you can accentuate Naughty Noah's Vietnamese best instant pho with eggs? Adding a hardboiled or raw egg to Vietnamese pho soups creates another layer of flavor and richness to your meal.

Nothing Says Easter Like Decorating Your Own Easter Egg!

Learning how to decorate your own Easter egg is a common childhood memory. While picnics and getting back to the great outdoors are one thing that represents Easter, learning how to decorate Easter Eggs is arguably the most fun Easter activity most children remember into adulthood. Not only is it fun, but it also makes for great Easter food!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese pho recipes, egg soup

What's to Love About Pho This Easter?

Naughty Noah’s Vietnamese Instant Pho Noodle Soup is made using a time-tested recipe passed down from generations. If you have ever wondered what is pho then let’s find out!

Traditional pho soups like Naughty Noah's Vietnameae are created from a beef stock base that is slowly simmered for twelve hours until all the flavors unlock and develop. Multiple fresh herbs and other pho ingredients must be added at the correct time throughout the simmering process for the stock to turn out just right. That's why you don't see a lot of Vietnamese instant pho noodles on the market. The brands that you do see are high in sodium and contain added chemicals to produce pseudo bone fats. With Naughty Noah's Vietnamese noodle soups, you get all the goodness and nutritional means of healthy food without the fat and sodium! We have replicated that perfect, traditional recipe in our spice packets so you can have amazing Vietnamese pho at home just by adding hot water or popping it in the microwave for a couple of minutes!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese instant pho, instant pho additions

What Makes Naughty Noah's Vietnamese

Soups Better Than the Others?

When you shop Naughty Noah's Vietnamese you can get a variety of flavored pho that really is better than the others. Our recipes were created by a trained chef and restaurateur and contain ingredients such as bell peppers, cinnamon, rich onions, and luscious green herbs like basil and parsley… all organic of course! We use fresh ingredients to create our healthy meals and produce the best vegan, no-GMO and gluten-free Vietnamese noodle soups on the market.

Our best instant pho noodles are a quick and easy meal that makes for perfect Easter food – since eggs are one of the traditional, decedent ingredients you will find in pho! Enjoy quality Vietnamese pho from Naughty Noah's on the go and anywhere you like... and add your festive hard-boiled egg to make the most out of your pho meal!

What Flavors of Pho Does

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Sell?

Our sumptuous noodles come in all sorts of flavors, so when you shop Naughty Noah's Vietnamese pho you can choose between:

Each flavor pairs perfectly with a hard-boiled egg and is great for the Easter holidays!

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese instant pho soup at World Market

Where to Buy Naughty Noah's Vietnamese Pho? 

Naughty Noah's Vietnamese delicious noodles are available through our online store and now you can find us at your local select World Market location, too! Just enter your city or zip code to find the closest World Market location near you.

You can also pick up some Naughty Noah's Vietnamese instant pho noodles through Amazon, making it easier than ever to switch up your Easter food with pho!

What are you waiting for, Easter is just around the corner! Order Naughty Noah’s pho noodle soup now and get cracking with those eggs and give your children an Easter they won't forget!

From one family to another, happy Easter!

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